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6/ JOYFUL DECOR. When you combine the 5 trends above what do you get? This photo. This is JOY. This individuality. This is not a catalog-home or a Instagram-copy. This reflects the spirit and personality of the home owner. Flowers, pattern, texture, color, art, warmth, LIFE. This is JOYFUL decor and this is a trend because we are all SO bored with seeing the same minimalist beige over and over and over again. Maybe we’ll never cross over this far (I won’t, I like my beige and hints of pastels combined with darker tones, not a lot of pattern), but this photo reminds me to ADD JOY to my home and individuality.

Which brings me to a mini rant… I wonder if you feel this too… But….

Instagram is sucking the life out of me at the moment, I can barely use it without feeling overwhelmed by the conformity, overall stress, algorithms, and commercialism of it all.

I am tired of the ads, the sales pitches, the… Just all of it really annoys me.

I am hoping the next few weeks, as Fall is embraced and people in my industry start to nest more, that I’ll see again some joy and personality and not this constant wall of sameness.

Instagram went from being such an inspirational space to becoming an app I dread to open each day because I’m not finding JOY there. I’m being reminded of everything I dislike outside of my bubble that I used Insta to avoid that is prevalent in other apps (politics, sex, tiktok dances, opinions that have nothing to do with design and lifestyle, and endless conversations that make me feel so many shades of emotion and none of them positive). I just can’t motivate myself on Insta at the moment.

I need JOY!!!

So…. Those are 6 trends I’ve spotted for the home for Fall/Winter. What have you seen? And feel free to talk to me in the comments section about Instagram because maybe you have a different point-of-view or some tips on how to like it again? 🙂



(Photography: Bungalow)

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