Bamboo: How To Use It Elegantly in Home Design

If you are looking to incorporate hardwearing, natural elements in your home design, bamboo is one of the most elegant and eco-friendly options. Its flexibility and density make it an excellent choice for sturdy décor – provided you choose the right type of bamboo for the right purpose.

You can introduce this versatile material subtly into existing décor in the form of furniture and accessories. Or hire design and architecture experts to incorporate it in a structural, transformative manner. Read on for an exhaustive list of ideas to create the perfect bridge between modern and rustic décor, with minimal environmental footprint.

1. The Bamboo Plant Itself

Bamboo Plants for home

Add a touch of green with the purest form of the material – the plant itself. It is known to produce more oxygen than other wood species, is “carbon-positive” (removes more carbon dioxide that it adds), needs very little maintenance, and is a fast grower with an aesthetic structure. It grows well in low light too and can be grown indoors and outdoors with soothing sounds adding to a zen-like atmosphere.

You can also keep smaller Lucky bamboo (part of the Dracaena genus) in small pebble-, or water-filled bowls.

2. Furniture

Bamboo Furniture

Adorn your bedroom with bamboo beds and side tables with beautiful handwork. Get a trunk made of bamboo to store your blankets in the guest bedroom, and switch your laundry baskets to bamboo ones.

Give your bathroom a spa-like feel with bamboo bathtub caddies, and washbasins. Use a benchtop of this material for your home office table, study table or dining table. Choose bamboo chairs, bench, table or sofa set for your garden and courtyard. Or get wall shelves for your balcony or kitchen made from this sturdy material.

3. Railings, Screens, and Partitions

Bamboo Railing and partition

Get stylish bamboo partitions for your living or dining rooms. Experiment with backlighting using LED lights to cast a warm glow over the space.

Use it as staircase railings, or as a fence or partition in your patio to add some privacy.

Bamboo can also make a good outdoor fence in a garden or a vegetable patch.

4. Window Treatments

bamboo Window treatment

Opt for stylish roll-up bamboo blinds for your rooms and outdoor areas. They not only look earthy but also let in ample sunshine.

You can get window structures itself made from thin bamboo strips, to augment the rustic look.

5. Wall Treatments

Bamboo Wall Treatment

Try wall cladding made of bamboo poles, veneers or woven panels for an accent wall. It will also add textural interest in balconies and bathrooms.

Handcrafted bamboo wallpapers which come in gorgeous, organic-looking patterns lend a distinctive look to your interiors.

If an outdoor seating area or cabana is to your liking, then bamboo is a great option to use for the structure. This gives a very natural look to your outdoors, reminiscent of village homes.

6. Ceilings

Bamboo Ceilings

Bamboo false ceilings are an innovative way to incorporate the material in your rooms. There are plenty of options available including those made of decorative fibre mats that are resin-bonded and pressed, like the one above. A strong ceiling can also be made using bamboo slats stained in different finishes.

7. Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

As an alternative to wooden flooring, choose bamboo for your balconies and hallways. Pick among laminated vertical-grain, laminated horizontal-grain or strand-woven bamboo flooring, each having a different look and varied benefits.

8. Light Fixtures

Bamboo Light Fixture

Bamboo and rope ceiling chandeliers or table lamps make stunning statement pieces in a living room. In addition to that, they cast beautiful, decorative patterns in the room when lit up.

9. Bamboo Accessories

Bamboo accessories

Here are the different ways to include Bamboo accessories in your home:

  • Use a bamboo clothes rack or hook stand in your bedrooms.
  • Equip your kitchen with bamboo mugs, serving spoons, knick-knack jars, straws, and trays.
  • Pick interesting bamboo wind chimes, wall art, flower vases, candle holders, picture frames and jewellery boxes as accessories in your vignettes. Perk up your office space with cardholders, pens, desk organizers made of this material.
  • Pick other accessories of this material – like a decorative mirror, soap dishes or even a passive amplifier for mobile phones. Your cocktail bar will also love a bamboo ice bucket.
  • Use naturalistic table mats and runners, and rugs made from bamboo slats in your dining room.
  • Add variety to your gardens with vertical planters, a trellis panel for creepers, and a bamboo water fountain perhaps.

Make a wishlist of all your ideas and refine them to suit the needs of your home. If you need help with tastefully incorporating the brilliance of this natural material, do get in touch with the experts at HomeLane.

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