Black Friday iron deals – steam iron and steam generator bargains to conquer your laundry basket

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  • If you’re anything like the team at Ideal Home, you’ll either hate or just about tolerate it, but there’s no escaping the ironing pile. Luckily for us, however, we can treat ourselves to a whizzy new iron that makes the job easier with our Black Friday iron deals.

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    The quality of irons has improved greatly over recent years and now even the cheapest boast non-stick soleplates and powerful steam. There are even some hi-tech designs so clever, they can be used on any fabric without you needing to touch the temperature dial.

    Black Friday iron deals – quick links

    Black Friday steam iron deals

    Russell Hobbs One Temperature 25090 2600 Watt Iron, was £59, now £24,
    Get £25 off an iron that does all the basics as you’d expect. But it also has a few tricks up its sleeve – like a vertical steam option that’s great for refreshing curtains, and a self-cleaning function.

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    Russell Hobbs 22860 Colour Control Steam Iron, was £29.99, now £19.99, Argos
    The temperature indicator changes colour depending on the heat setting. It’s therefore easy to see if your iron is running too hot for a delicate fabric, and stops you ruining your laundry. The ceramic soleplate glides over fabric and is self-cleaning, which saves you a job

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    Bosch TDI9020GB Sensixx iTemp Steam Iron, was £129.99, now £64.99, John Lewis
    Get this Bosch iron half price this Black Friday. With i-Temp you can iron any fabric and have the flexibility of a powerful steam shot and spray for stubborn creases. And Bosch’s ceramic soleplates are second to none where non-stick ironing is concerned.

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    Tefal Ultimate Pure FV9845 3100 Watt Iron, save £80, now £79,
    It’s hard to imagine a gorgeous iron, but in rose gold, this is as good as it gets. It pumps out 55g of steam and has a precision tip, which gets under shirt collars a treat.

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    Black Friday steam generator iron deals

    Tefal SV7130 Express Compact Anti Scale Steam Generator Iron, Save £100, now £99.99, Argos
    This small but powerful iron produces up to 130g/min continuous steam and an extra-powerful steam boost of up to 360g/min to cut through stubborn creases fast. If you hate descaling the iron, you’ll love the Tefal Scale Collector – simply pull out the collector and rinse it under the tap to rid your iron of scale. Easy, and no fiddly cartridges to worry about.

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    Philips GC9630/20 PerfectCare Elite OneTemp Steam Gen Iron, Save £110, now £189.99, Argos
    Impressive in almost every department, this iron floats through fabrics with ease and you never need to worry about changing the settings. Tackle larger loads of clothes with the large 1.8L detachable easy fill water tank, powerful 6.7 bars, 135g/min continuous steam and 470g steam boost.

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    What Black Friday iron deal is right for me?

    how to clean an iron

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    1. Keep it compact with a steam iron

    Lightweight and manoeuverable, the classic steam iron now comes packed with innovative features. Power has increased (up to 3,000W), meaning your iron will heat up faster and will produce more powerful and continuous steam.

    Soleplate designs have also improved – Panasonic, for example, has launched a double-headed design, which helps reduce re-creasing as you pull the iron in different directions.

    The best irons tend to have ceramic or Palladium coated soleplates, which are scratch resistant and non-stick, while Tefal’s Ultimate Autoclean self-cleaning iron has a ‘catalytic’ palladium soleplate that prevents tiny fibres from clogging up the steam holes and soleplate. The configuration of steam holes can also improve an iron’s usability. The more holes, the greater the injection of steam, and multiple holes near the tip can help tackle awkward pleats.

    2. Blitz a big basket with a steam generator

    These iron giants are connected to a separate water tank that generates powerful and continuous steam in spades. This simply blasts through creases and will be a revelation if you currently spend hours tackling a family-sized ironing basket. Compared to a standard steam iron, generators are expensive and take up more space, but prices on basic models have fallen and you can now find some designs for less than £100.

    The continuous steam output also means you can steam delicate items right on the hanger and even knock creases out of new curtains. Look out for some models which come with a separate steam wand that can be used to refresh upholstery and vertically steam clothes.

    3. Iron safely with a perfect-temperature model

    The biggest innovation in ironing technology this decade, perfect-temperature designs – available in steam and generator styles – combine pressurized steam and a lower constant temperature to give excellent ironing results on any fabric. We didn’t believe it either, but after testing them we’re delighted to be able to iron a pair of jeans and silk top without changing the settings.

    What to consider when buying an iron

    moving in together

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Power The higher the wattage (W) the faster your iron will heat up, but the more electricity it will use.

    Bar pressure Given for steam generators only. The higher this figure, the more force behind the steam and therefore the more effective it will be.

    Water tank The larger the tank, the longer you’ll be able to steam iron before refilling.

    Continuous steam Steam is the secret to crease-free clothes, so look for the greatest pressure you can. The higher the g/min rating the more steam will penetrate, relaxing fabrics flat.

    Steam shot Measured in g/min – the higher the better. This button gives a powerful burst of steam to blast through tough creases.

    Vertical steam If your iron has enough steam power it will be able to knock creases from curtains or hanging clothes.

    Sole plates Look for highly polished stainless steel or non-stick ceramic for the least friction between iron and fabric. Ceramic and Palladium coatings are hardwearing and non-stick and float over the fabric preventing extra creases.

    Cord length This affects how close you’ll need to be to a plug socket when ironing. For steam irons, aim for three metres. Steam generators have two cords – a power cord that connects the generator to the socket, and an iron cord that connects the iron to the generator, so you should get a little more flexibility.

    Limescale Most irons can use tap rather than filtered water. But over time the calcium in the water supply will form lime scale, which clogs the steam vents. Look for models with ‘calc clean’ or ‘anti-calcium’ features.

    Auto-off Leave the iron on but untouched for more than a few minutes it will turn itself off. Leave it soleplate down and it will switch off in seconds.

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    With all those features, you can cut the ironing times while the retailers cut prices this Black Friday!

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