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It’s time for my first new Christmas decor post of the season! We’ve been slowly but surely bringing Christmas into the house and I can’t wait to keep sharing more ideas with you. We just moved this sofa into the library and I wanted to bring Christmas in with these cozy neutral Christmas pillows! Doesn’t this look like the coziest spot to curl up this winter?

I thought I’d answer a few of my frequently asked questions about pillows and give you all the tips for the coziest pillows this Christmas!

Where are these pillows from?

Here are the links to each of the pillows on our sofa.

What size pillows do I put on the sofa?

I love using Euro pillows on our sofa because they are bigger and extra cozy. I recommend getting your pillow insert one size larger than your pillow cover. For example, if your pillow cover is 24×24, your insert should be 26×26. These pillows all vary in size in this photo from 22×22 & up! I would not go smaller than a 20×20 on a sofa as they can come off cluttered and not cozy.

What type of pillow inserts do I like?

Here’s a link to the pillow inserts I’ve been using!

How many pillows should I put on a sofa?

This is definitely a question of personal preference, if you like more pillows or fewer pillows that is totally up to whatever feels cozy to you. On a three-seater sofa, I typically will put five pillows. This would include 2 neutral pillows, 2 pattern pillows, and 1 accent pillow. On a sectional sofa like this, I have 9 pillows. This includes 2 pillows against the edge, 2 pillows in the center of the sofa, 4 pillows in the connecter of the sections, and 1 pillow against the edge.

What type of pillows do you prefer for the seasons?

My go-to for holiday and seasonal decor is to stick with mostly neutral decor and add in a few accents. This sofa is a perfect example of that! I have mostly neutral pillows that could be used throughout any season and then simply add in accent pillows for a festive touch. This helps to make sure your decor is all things that you truly love & avoid falling into the latest trends. This is of course a really neutral look, but you can add a fun pop on here & I will do a few looks this season for you guys with pops of color, but I do like to also show that holiday decor can be cozy and neutral as well. I hope this showed you that today!

Why do I chop my pillows?

I always chuckle a little when I see this question because its just a preference! Theres no particular reason other than I like the way it looks. I sometimes wish I had a better explanation but I just like it. I think it shows how big and chunky the pillows are and gives it a finished look. Some hate it, some love it… I’m in the love it camp!

Hope this helps you create the coziest sofa possible with all of my pillow tips and tricks. I am loving the cozy neutral christmas vibes in this room and find ourselves cozying up here every night as a family. If you have more pillow related questions head over to my Facebook or Instagram and let me know! I’ll be sure to update this post with any new questions.


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