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I am so excited to share this DIY Rustic Christmas Garland with you! Every year I love putting a garland on our banister and this year I wanted a really full one. I love that it is messy, rustic, and unique! To make this garland I mixed one real garland, two faux garlands, and orange garland together for a unique rustic look. Keep reading to learn more about how I put together this garland for our staircase!

Supplies Needed

To start, use your real garland to create your base shape. I used real cedar garland from a local nursery, you should be able to find some local to you! Swag and tie your garland up the banister with the string. Adjust this as you go and move it around until you like the placement of your garland up your staircase. Once you like this tie with ribbon instead of string and you’ve set your shape! I personally don’t love bows so I tied the ribbon and let the strands hang down. Then add in both of your faux garlands, I used faux white berry pine garland and faux seeded eucalyptus garland and tie it up with string. This is the step that really makes your garland look messy, fluffy, and nature-inspired! Finally, go in with the orange garland. Place it on top of your garlands as the finishing touch to your banister. In short: For me it’s all about layering and tying with string to the banister as I go. I’m no pro, but that’s what works for me.

How To Make Orange Garland
  • Cut the oranges in circles about a quarter of an inch thick
  • Tap with a paper towel until dry to the touch
  • Place orange slices directly on a cookie sheet or parchment paper
  • Cook at 250 degrees for 2 1/12 hours
  • Let cool and string with twine

When hanging your orange garland it takes a lot of manipulation and patience in my humble opinion to lay all the oranges a certain way on the garland. We stacked our string with oranges, but you can choose to space yours out more and even add things on the string with the oranges like cinnamon sticks and greenery. I will do more looks with orange garland as we go through the season.

I hope this inspires you to create a unique garland this holiday season! Mixing faux and real garland is the perfect way to create a really full banister garland. I love the subtle touch & extra texture that the ribbon gives to the overall look! Check out how I used orange garland in our mantel on the blog here. Thank you so much for stopping by every day, it means the world to me!

xx liz marie

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