Electrosac Saho ES-CH Single Bluetooth Tower Speaker (91cm Height) Boom Bass Multimedia Home Theater Speaker System wth Aux,FM,USB, Mic, Remote, Front Light

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Product Description

Electrosac saho es-ch tower speakerElectrosac saho es-ch tower speaker

Bluetooth Speaker – Strong looks, stronger music

Waking up on a Sunday morning, how would you feel to have a strong black coffee with the long aroma? Enchanting, right? Therapists say that music has the power to enchant you in a world of perfect tunes. We are no therapist but can surely help you the perfect tune thing.

A single cabinet that stands about 3ft tall is made of pure wood to deliver rich music for the ones who are in search of perfection.This long black dj sound Bluetooth Speaker system has been aptly named Saho for its enormously strong body and mysterious features. To let the onlookers feel the floor standing speakers being placed atop a stage it has an four legs to stand atop.The speakers at the front are no less than eyes of a cat looking right through you. They change colors and flicker lights as per the music. It is sure enough to hypnotize you in the first look and completely entangle you with its sonic punch.With the large body, you are sure to feel more bass and experience better sounds than a home theaters bluetooth speaker 5.1. These floor standing speakers are designed to focus on sound clarity and testified to produce rich vocals when kept near ear levels.

A team of finest audio engineers and marvellous experienced manufacturers are working day and night to bring out to the world, a set of multimedia speakers with bluetooth that has the power to produce rich music and yet be available to anyone who wishes for it. But even then, the world class manufacturers are no gods but surely an angel to the rescue.

Whenever you feel a peaceful night is what you need to pass the day and music is the calming best friend you are in search of, tune down your deep bass bluetooth speaker because the strong lad with 6.5” subwoofers can sometimes be a bit much high than you are asking for. Well, you just need a simple analog bass control to do the job.The dj sound bluetooth speaker system lets you control the bass, treble and echo levels right from the music box. It’s time to enjoy the stream of wonderful melody your fingers just connected and get back to the pending peaceful night.Meanwhile if you fall out of track with the volume levels or needs finer tuning of the bass levels, you don’t need to rise from that comfy bed of yours. Keep the remote beside you and make your sleepy commands on the go.

Bluetooth speaker to the rescue

Ever gathered around the TV with your friends, family and neighbors to watch something that excite you and spreads the same electricity to all sitting around you??

One such event was India Playing the World cup finale with high winning chances after about 28 years. Hearts beating fast and waiting for Dhoni to take that single shot which made India win the World cup. Those roars from behind, that awaited commenting, eyes stuck on the scoreboard and ears searching for the final cheer… Doesn’t it bring excitement back to your minds??

What if, you weren’t able to hear what the Umpire said, your ears missed out the last say with the loud chattering of people gathered around you and you are grieving over the missed fun. If you have ever been in such situation then you know how it feels to not identify a beat.

The one of the best tower bluetooth speaker home theater won’t let you face the trauma in the future. Bring home the cool dj sound bluetooth speaker system to let your live matches feel lively and take you to the front seats of the stadium, if not to the grounds.

Crazy connections with bluetooth speakers for the ultimate party

Got some new speakers for home?? Party to banti hai!!!! Get some cocktails, party snacks and call your peeps over for the mini bash.

Starting out, plug in the pen drive/ flash drive to the USB port with the playlist you all can dance to. Show them what moves you got. Not an old school pen drive type? Connect the smart phone to the same port with an USB cable.Want to connect them both for an easy accessibility? Connect the pen drive to the USB slot and for your smartphone/ tablet or any other smart device, the woofer speaker bluetooth will help you out. Now party hard and relax calm.Whatever be your mood, the dj sound speaker system is your perfect partner anytime anywhere. Well we got your movie/ game nights sorted too. Just connect the TV to your bass bluetooth speaker’ AUX point using an AUX cable and get ready to not just watch but feel the theater right in front of your eyes.If you are wondering how can you manage so many connections!!! Well the mode button lets you toggle between various modes: Aux>> Bt>> FM and easily lets you pick your need of the hour. You did not forget about the last one, right??

Won’t it be a little greedy to enjoy the dj sound bluetooth speaker system all to yourself??Share the happiness with your parents and granny. Even if they don’t follow the music trends or are not much updated with the gadgets, they know tunes in way no one understands.

Let them reunite with their old love, bring the FM radio back to their lives. Well you can do that with this dj sound bluetooth speaker system. Just put the FM mode on can the old memories will come back running.

The mic with bluetooth speaker for the strong at hearts

What does being strong mean to you? Powerful muscles that can take down anyone? Now, that is not enough, for a strong person isn’t afraid to put out themselves to the world. Taking on challenges and facing problems eye to eye is what we would define being strong.

We grow by the day. Lets start with a simple one. How about a Karaoke dare? Not so good at singing, who cares?

You got the resources… A dj sound bluetooth speaker system with echo enabled Karaoke system fully enabled for a musical night. Just get a mic and plug it in to the subwoofer bluetooth speakers MIC point.The separate mic point was made to ensure that your other connected devices stay intact. Deliver your voice with the sparking confidence and you are sure to win the game.

Technical Specifications




36 inch


6.5 inch


4 inch * 1

Mic Support


Bass & Treble Control




Magnet size

90 * 17 cm

LED Display


Dj Light



50 watt

Fully loaded tower speaker which features: Bluetooth, USB, FM, MIC PORT, AUX for connectivity to more devices at once
6.5 inch woofer for a deep clear bass to enjoy the feel of music at every volume Change songs, volume and more using powerful remote
Warm Sound Signature with “Bass Boost” Switch for extra bass at low volumes.
Product Made in India with 1Year Warranty.


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