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This blog post is sponsored by Maytag, but as usual, the content and opinions shared in this blog post are my own!

Guys, I am so excited to share another update on our laundry room/butlers pantry with you!! We haven’t finished the entire room yet but we made some progress in the laundry area and I didn’t want to wait any longer to show you. I often get asked how we keep our house so clean when we live on a farm & my not-so-secret trick is that we do a lot of laundry. We renovated the laundry room to better meet the needs of our family & wanted a washer and dryer that would do the same. The most important part of any laundry room is the appliances, which is why I knew I needed strong and dependable appliances that could live up to farm life!

Living on a farm it was essential for us to have a washer and dryer that can keep up with the mess, which is why we chose Maytag. Maytag washers and dryers are not only dependable but powerful as well – they help tackle the toughest of everyday stains. Working out on the farm & in our garden we tend to get dirty –  but that doesn’t mean we want to bring the dirt into our home.

With the push of a button, our new washer fights stains that best dissolve in hot water and in cold – all in a single load. The Extra Power Button boosts stain-fighting performance on any wash cycle to fight those tough stains you may expect to find on a farm (or in any family!). Not only does the washer have the Extra Power button, but the dryer has one as well! The Extra Power button on the dryer is perfect for getting thick fabrics, pockets, hems, and seams drier the first time, with added time.* Gone are the days of having to start new cycles to add extra time to our loads! Not having to run additional cycles makes doing our laundry that much easier. 

For the extra dirty loads (like the time Winnie jumped on the furniture with muddy paws), I love the built-in water faucet. I filled the tub for a three-hour soak cycle for the slipcover of our sofa & delayed the start of the wash cycle. This allows me to take the load straight from soaking to washing without needing to come back to the washer.

I’m so excited to share our new washer and dryer with you guys! I will be sure to give you another update once we’ve lived with them for a bit longer. All I have to say is wow, I am so excited to have a functional laundry room again! Is it weird that my new Maytag washer and dryer make me excited to do laundry?! I never thought I’d say that! Haha. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day.

XX Liz Marie

*Results may vary based on load size and type.

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