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Some of my most frequently asked questions are about our Farmhouse sink! We have had our farmhouse sink for a few years now and I feel like it is time for an official review for you guys. In fact this is our third time putting this same farmhouse sink in a home we have owned. I always like to live with things before giving a full review of them. I can’t believe I haven’t given a review of how much I love our sink yet!! Let’s jump right into all the things I love about our Elkay Fireclay Farmhouse sink.

Do we love it?

We absolutely love this sink, not only do I love the farmhouse look of the sink but it has also worked really well for our family. Our farmhouse sink is scratch proof, stain proof, & perfect for our rugged farm life. Not only do we wash dishes in this sink we also wash babies, dogs, & much more. I’ve never regretted buying it one bit!

What is the exact sink we have?

We have the Elkay Fireclay SWUF28179WH Single Bowl Farmhouse sink in white. The dimensions of our sink are 29-7/8″ X 19.925″ X 10-1/16.”

Is it durable?

Yes absolutely! I wanted a sink that was not only pretty to look at but was also durable for everyday life. Fireclay is a very smooth surface that is designed to be scratch and stain resistant which is pretty important with a white sink.

Do you miss having a divided sink?

Initially, I was a little cautious about getting a single bowl sink. However, I quickly found that I didn’t miss divided sinks. The bowl is deep enough and large enough that you have all the space you need for doing dishes! There is plenty of room for washing and stacking, I actually like having a single bowl better because I am less likely to leave dishes sitting in the sink and instead move them right into our dishwasher.

Is it worth the cost?

The biggest hesitation I hear about farmhouse sinks is the price. But I can say that this sink is 100% worth the cost. If you like the look of farmhouse sinks & have been wanting one for a while I would highly recommend Elkay Fireclay sinks. The quality, overall appearance, and durability of the sink is incredible… And worth the extra cost to get the look you want in your kitchen! Fireclay sinks have a timeless appeal, these are designed to last a long time & won’t go out of style!

As many of you know we are in the process of renovating our butler’s pantry. I love this sink so much that we actually decided we are going to add this sink to our butler’s pantry as well. I will be sure to show you guys once we have made more progress in this room … And will definitely let you know how we utilize the sink in the pantry differently than our kitchen sink! I hope this helps you learn a bit more about the benefits of a farmhouse sink. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & everyday.

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