Fevicol and Home Interior: Types and Uses

One essential item that you need for working on your home interior is glue. In India, Fevicol is one household name that is probably the most popular white glue in the market. Launched in 1963, this glue presented a synthetic white resin that is a far more practical choice than the animal fat glue used previously.

Presently, there are many variants of Fevicol glue available in the market. These include Fevicol, Dr. Fixit, MSeal, Fevikwik, Fevicryl, among others. However, the two most popular varieties of Fevicol available are Fevicol SH and Fevicol MR.

Let us take a look at the key differences between these two Fevicol products.

Fevicol SH vs Fevicol MR

Here is a chart that lists the basic differences between the two varieties:

Type Usage Strength Drying Time Surface Types Bond Strength
Fevicol SH Woodwork Can withstand high forces Slow Wooden surfaces Provides a strong and long-lasting bond
Fevicol MR Art and craft Cannot withstand high forces Very fast Paper, cloth, MDF, glass, polystyrene A lighter bond is formed

Here is a look at some of the other varieties of Fevicol products:

  • Fevicol Hi-Per: This adhesive is specially designed for large laminated sheets and prevents the formation of bubbles between plywood and laminate. Apart from less air entrapment, it also offers faster setting time.
  • M-Seal: This special sealant serves the four purposes of sealing, joining, fixing, and building. It is used both in industries and for home interiors. It can join broken articles, fill gaps and cracks, and also plug leaks in pipelines and joints.
  • Fevikwik: This is a fast-action gel that can join any type of material in seconds. It can be used on metal, wood, plastic, and paper. Its versatility also allows it to be used on items like jewellery, antiques, and electronics.
  • Fevicryl: This is a specially designed product for artists and hobbyists. The liquid glue can be used for embroidery and allows professionals to make the best use of their creativity.
  • Dr Fixit: This product is specially designed for waterproofing your home. You can use it on roofs, walls, bathrooms, and pipelines with equal effectiveness. Apart from repairing, you can also use it for the waterproofing of new constructions.
  • Fevistik: This product comes in a convenient rotary glue stick format so that you can say goodbye to the cumbersome liquid glue. It is used for connecting paper to paper without getting your hands sticky in the process.

Fevicol products for DIY home projects

When you plan to decorate your home, then Fevicol is one of the most useful products you can choose. The do-it-yourself spirit (DIY) does not mean that you have to build something new or engage in some craft. Even repairing or modifying a product can be termed as DIY.

If you have the time and enthusiasm, you can change how your home interior looks with just a few innovative touches. Obviously, glue is one item that is needed on most of these projects. If you have not tried it out yet, here are a few ideas that you can use to get creative.

A colourful kitchen clock

Add a dash of colours on your kitchen wall with this clock and make it the focal point of attraction.

Items needed

  • A wooden or plywood circle
  • A clock kit
  • Twelve wooden spoons
  • Twelve types of paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Fevicol glue


  • Firstly, make sure that the wooden piece has a finished look.
  • Divide the wooden circle into twelve different segments for 12 hours.
  • Paint these segments with different colours.
  • Then, paint the spoons at the tip with different colours. Drill a small hole in the middle of the circle and fix the clock kit.
  • Now paste the wooden spoons as the twelve-hour dividers by using Fevicol for wood. Make sure that the spoons do not hinder the movement of the clock hands.
  • You are now ready with your kitchen clock.


Bottle lamp

Convert glass bottles to attractive lamps for hanging during any occasion.

Items needed

  • Bottles
  • A string of LED lights
  • A lampshade
  • Ribbons
  • Fevicol glue


  • Clean the bottle and remove the label, if any.
  • Then tie a bow around the neck of the bottle with the ribbon. You can use two ribbons to make it look more colourful. Now you need to pick the lampshade and fix it on the bottle with Fevicol glue.
  • Now start inserting the light string into the bottle.
  • Any spare wire can be glued to the back or bottom of the bottle.
  • The last step is to turn on the lights and enjoy the show.

DIY Tyre furniture

If you want something interesting to change the look of your home interiors, this is a great DIY option.

Items needed

  • Three old tyres
  • Black oil paint
  • Brushes
  • A round piece of glass
  • Wire
  • Fevicol glue


Thoroughly clean the tyres inside out and let them dry. Next, paint them with paint. Allow one side to dry before you start painting the other side. Now place them on top of each other and use Fevicol to fix them in place. You can also use the wire to tie them together. The glass piece should be cut to shape so that you can place it over the hole of the top tyre. The chair is now ready. You can also add metal arms and use another tyre for back support to enhance the look.

e X p o s e

These are some of the simple crafts or DIY projects that you can undertake in your free time. Whether you want to enhance your creativity or kill some time, these budget-friendly options are perfect for refurbishing your home interior.

Obviously, you can find some of the best ideas from HomeLane to make your DIY projects special. Get in touch with us to turn your creative ideas into reality.

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