Floating Witches Hats – Neutral Halloween Decor

I think I found out today why I love halloween decor so much. I love decorating for halloween because you can have fun decorating with no rules & no limits. It’s a step outside of our normal decor & a chance to get creative in different ways. & since there are no rules there is no way to mess it up! Today I decided to try something fun in our sunroom & I think I have at least one fan of my floating witches hats halloween decor…

Witch hats!! These are so fun for halloween. I ordered mine off amazon [HERE] & they are ok. I’m sure there are better quality ones out there, but these were super affordable. They are paper thin I will & I’m not sure how long they will last, but I guess this is my first time in the market for witch hats, so maybe this is how they normally come. Who knows, they worked for what I wanted them to do! I want to do a few looks with these hats, but for the first one I thought why not arrange them in from of our windows in the sunroom for a stark contrast against all of the light. I didn’t plan on a puppy witch visiting for the shoot, but you know I never turn a good witch away…

To hang the hats we strung fishline with a needle through the tip of the hat & tied the fishline to tiny screws that are in the ceiling. It’s that simple. Just a simple halloween look & a few black & white pillows from one of my favorite small shops [HERE].

I think that’s one thing I also love about halloween decor, it can be so many different things. It can look so many different ways & it’s completely up to you how much or how little you want to add to your space. You can see more of my halloween & fall looks [HERE]. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & remember to pin for later! xx

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