How To Undecorate For Winter

As we are moving out of the holiday season it is time to undecorate! Remove all of that extra decor that Christmas brings into our homes and bring it back to a more simple and clean look. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas decor but every year I am ready for a fresh start in the new year. I’ve gotten so many questions on how I decorate our home after Christmas and before spring decor, so that is what the post is all about. I know many of us will begin removing our Christmas decor this week & wanted to share some of my tips with you for undecorating your spaces today!

1. Room by room

I always try to go room by room instead of taking on the whole house all at once, it is nice to feel a sense of accomplishment when you can tick off one room at a time. Typically I start with the room that has the most Christmas decor in it!

2. Strip & sort

In each room, I will remove all of my Christmas decor and sort it into piles … things I want to keep & things I no longer want. A lot of my decor are items I’ve gathered over time, so many things come back from one year to the next. Sometimes I’ll have items I no longer want with those I either donate, give away to friends and family, sell, or throw out if they aren’t usable anymore. This step really helps me keep my collection in check and gives me a good inventory of the items we have. PS Good rule of thumb is if you didn’t put it up this year, you won’t use it next year so it needs to go.

3. Re-evaluate the room

Use this time to re-arrange, purge, and change pieces to room to another. I love using this time to re-evaluate the purpose of each room in our home. Is it working for our family? How could we better use this space? Would I like the room layout to be different? Are there other items that I don’t want in the space? These are all great questions to ask yourself to discover if you need to make any other changes in each room!

4. Clean it all

It is so incredibly satisfying to clean each room as we move past Christmas and into the winter months. Wash your slipcovers, clean under furniture, dust the shelves, give the floors a good scrub or vacuum, and anything else you need to do to bring some freshness back into the room. I always make sure I’ve cleaned before I try to add any winter decor into the space!

5. Slowly add back

Consider the function of your room, add in the furniture and pieces you love, then bring back in the decor items you love! If you don’t love something it might be the time to consider if it needs a revamp or needs a new home. The new year is a great time to start off your home on a fresh start, take some time to really think about how to make your home function better for you this year!

6. Consider winter greens

There are many routes to take when it comes to winter greens into your home & to be honest there isn’t one correct way to do this. The two most common choices are to keep your Christmas greens up or take them out and add in other real or faux plants. Your garlands, wreaths, branches, etc. from Christmas can stay up for the winter months once you’ve removed any decor items from them! Personally, I like mixing my winter greens with new fresh plants during the winter months. Often times people think plants are only for spring and summer but they work great in all seasons, especially low light house plants!

7. Winter Decor Staples

When I think of winter decor I’m going for fresh, cozy, and warm. After all of the joy that Christmas decor brings I want my space to feel just as happy but a little less cluttered. My go-to items for winter are fresh winter greens, candles, thick throws blankets & quilts, earth-tone items, & antique art and mirrors.

I hope you enjoyed this preview into our home as we’ve transitioned to winter decor and that this helps in your process of transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor! I’ll be sharing lots of our home this month to give you ideas and inspiration for how to style your space after the holidays so be sure to check back soon for more. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every day.

xx liz marie

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