Latest Window Designs for Your Home

One of the most defining elements for any house is the choice of windows. Beyond flooding your living space with light and wind, they can also help define a house’s style. While windows can be traditional or modern, they can also be customised to your liking.

However, choosing a window is not just about the style. The windows’ design is also related to factors like thermal performance and energy efficiency along with light intensity. So before choosing a window pattern for your home, you need to do the right research amount.

This article will take a look at some of the most popular window designs and their features. But first, we will start with a few pointers about choosing the right style.

Points to consider while choosing a window design

  • All houses have an architectural style, and the windows should match with this for the perfect design aesthetics.
  • Consider the rooms that the window will serve to estimate the amount of light you will let in.
  • The amount of ventilation or airflow you need will also determine the type of window you choose.
  • There are frames and mullions made from wood or metal that can lend some colour to the windows.
  • Windows can be designed with various colour palettes to bring a range of accents into your home design.
  • To prevent any overheating or cooling of your interiors, make sure that you consider the sun’s orientation before choosing the window design.

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How to choose window frame material?

Choosing the right material ensures that you can balance energy efficiency and aesthetics with the cost factor.

  • A wooden frame for your window is not just visually attractive but is also an effective insulator. However, wood is affected by the humidity levels and needs maintenance to keep looking stunning for years.
  • The rising popularity of vinyl frames is due to their excellent insulation levels and affordability. They are also easy to clean and come in a variety of shades. On the other hand, they do not withstand hot weather so well.
  • Aluminium is another low-budget option that offers excellent durability and is not susceptible to extreme temperatures. They do not have the best insulating properties and are not the best choice for cold winters.
  • Fibreglass is another practical choice that offers good resistance to variable weather conditions. But they are costlier than most of the other alternatives.

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Types of windows

French windows

These are traditional windows that are designed like two doors that open inwards or outwards and are free from any sliding mechanism. Apart from being practical, they also have a larger glass surface that allows more light into the room. Such a window design will not only make space look larger but will also provide a great panoramic view.

french window designs

Single Sash Windows

This is one of the most common types of window designs that you will find. A sash is a square or rectangular frame that houses the window glass. They slide vertically, and with single sash designs, only the bottom half moves while the top half remains fixed.

single sash window

Double Sash Windows

The double sash design is the same as that of the single sash design. However, in this case, both the top and bottom halves can be moved up and down. So they are less weather-resistant than the single sash type.

double sash window

Casement window

Casement windows come with a single vertical sash of glass and are operated by a crank mechanism that operates through a hinge. They open outward and can move in the right or left, depending on the installation. Casement windows are usually fixed by a latch when closed. They are a good choice when you need maximum ventilation.

casement window

Awning windows

Awning windows operate through a crank mechanism, but they open outward from the bottom. They also offer good ventilation, great views and can also be left open during a shower. They are usually chosen for an opening whose width is more than the height. So they are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Awning Window

Bay windows

Bay windows are designed in the form of a decorative expansion from the house and are part of traditional window designs. The main purpose is to increase the surface area of the opening in the wall to allow more light to come in. It also adds some space to the interiors and makes a room look larger.

Bay Window

Jalousie window

This type of window consists of multiple horizontal panels that are opened and closed by a crank mechanism. One reason behind them being less popular is that they are not the best choice when it comes to security. In addition, they are also prone to air leaks and not suitable for an air-conditioned space.

jalousie window

Palladian window

A Palladian window comes with a three-part design where the centre portion is larger than the two other parts. The centre portion is also arched to make the design more imposing. It is a part of classical architectural patterns and not for small homes with a limited budget.

Palladian window

Fixed windows

The main purpose of a fixed window is to provide a gorgeous view.  So these window designs cannot be opened and come in various shapes and sizes. They are perfect for areas that need the views and light transmittance but no ventilation.

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Considering that window selection is a long-term investment, you need to learn about the available window designs. With the right bit of foresight, you can choose windows that can completely transform your house’s look. This is a curated list of latest window designs that are in trend and fill the purpose of aesthetics & usability as well. You can always take the guidance of experts at HomeLane for help in the interior decor of your house.

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