Living Room and Kitchen Partition Design

Multifunctionality is one of the most important terms when you are doing the interiors of your home. Your loving abode and each room should be designed in such a way that optimum space utilization is being looked upon. You must have observed that these days the living room is placed very close to the kitchen. Or when we talk about an open kitchen, then it includes the dining space and living room as well.

But with open kitchen privacy might be compromised. So, what is the solution if you want to maintain the open concept but still want a division. Well, a partition is a way to go ahead. And these days when it comes to home décor, then you will find a wide variety of partitions available in the market.

Let’s have a look at some of the trendy living room and kitchen partition design ideas –

Sliding Partition

This is ideal for space that has an abundance of bright and natural light. Wooden partitions might create a darkened effect and thus having natural light on both sides is quite important. Having wood material in the partition will also add to the warm look of the room.

Different Ceiling

This is the modern-day approach. Here a living room and kitchen are separated by the ceiling design. Either a false ceiling can be created, or some other design can be created to show the distinction between two areas.

Furniture Arrangement

One of the cost-effective ways to separate the kitchen from the living room is having a smart furniture arrangement. Keep the sofas in such a way in the drawing-room so that they are not facing the kitchen. In this way, your guests seated in the lounge will not have a direct view of the cooking area. This is ideal for spaces that have a narrow walking area.

A Glass Partition

When you don’t want to compromise with the natural light, then a glass partition is the ideal choice. This is perfect for closed and small spaces where having a glass in the middle will fake an elongated view of both sides in the room.

Transparent Wood

This partition can also be termed as the wooden panel. This division can be converted into a utility counter by adding bar stools at the living side of the room to create a cosy breakfast or snack counter. Looks stylish and serves the purpose at the same time.


Island Counter

This is another perfect example of modern home décor where space utilization and versatile arrangement takes a front seat. The island counter is a counter in the kitchen which can be utilized as a dining area as well as a bar area too. Here if you make shelves at the bottom area, then you can store your snacks and even the pitchers. This is mostly a western concept, but because of its functionality and modern look, it is widely being incorporated in India too.

The Royal Divider

It can also be called the Mughal Era divider because of its rich, intricate wooden work. This looks quite attractive but remember; this can burn a hole in your pocket. With this divider style, you have a benefit that you can go even half or full. The royal divider is that gorgeous that people won’t be blinking their eyes beyond this partition.

Wall Design

This is another cost-effective way similar to the ceiling design. Here you can go for a different wall colour or wallpaper to create that distinction effect. Keep the design quite different so that the people can recognize it from a distance.


This is one of the smart and minimal effort partition ideas. Just use a rug of your choice and limit it to the living space only. Don’t use another carpet for the kitchen space because it might create a clustered look. Keep that area empty.



Using a curtain in your home décor might be tricky. But if you know the correct way of using it, then you can gain brownie points. While separating the kitchen from the dining area, you can go for sheer curtains, solid curtains or anything else as per your choice.

The partition ideas mentioned are quite wide-ranging, and we have tried to incorporate everything right from cost-effective to space-saving and a lot more. If you are looking for similar economic and trendy home decor inspirations, then Homelane is your one-stop destination. HomeLane has the perfect team to convert your house into a home. It is a premium interior decor house which will provide you with tailor-made solutions. They know that buying a house is one of the biggest tasks and investment, and thus decorating it shouldn’t be that difficult. With their rich expertise and superb ideas, they will make your home functional as well as pleasing to the eyes. Visit their website today or book a consultation through them to turn your home decor dreams into reality.

Let us know if you have tried these or any other partition ideas in your home. We would love to hear back from you in the comments down below.

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