Pantone Colour of the Year 2021: AI Aqua Blue

Colours define the world. You start creating an all-new perspective of the particular space or object when it boasts a unique and striking colour. Hence, colours play a significant role in several industries, especially home décor. Among the millions of colours known to humankind today, aqua blue has gotten hotter than ever! Pantone, the world’s prominent colour provider, lists aqua blue as the colour of the future for its bright, bold, and trendsetting tone. And undoubtedly, it is one of the most Instagrammable colours of the year for any setting!

So, whether you are planning to renovate your home or invest in a new one, you definitely need to have this interior colour in your mind. Here are some amazing and easy tips to help you incorporate the AI Aqua Blue colour palette in your home:

Aqua Blue Walls

Let’s start with every home’s primary element – walls. Aqua blue can be used in every other room to brighten the space without giving it a second thought.

Paint this colour on the wall next to the furniture and add picture frames in white for a striking contrast. You can also install tiles of the colour on the downside portion of the kitchen or bathroom to give them a bright and cheerful look.


Well, many people may think that this isn’t a very crucial section of a property in terms of décor. However, you must understand that ceilings play the role of not only protecting you but also of adding a finish to the look of a room.

Many people add designs in the form of mandala art or Persian crafts to enhance the interiors. If you are looking for something elegant and simple, go for an aqua blue coloured ceiling with white walls. To further enhance the shade, add white ceiling fans or a crystal chandelier.

Aqua Blue Furniture

Another primary element that glorifies every home’s appearance is furniture. The popularity of aqua blue is so high that you can easily come across a host of products in the shade, including furniture.

Ranging from sofa sets and coffee tables to beds and accent chairs, the list goes on. The best method to highlight the furniture and this beautiful colour is to arrange them amidst white, grey, or light backgrounds for enhanced contrast.

Aqua Blue Carpets

The addition of carpets to any given space effortlessly adds to the room’s beauty. Today, you can try dozens of designs that define the cultures of specific countries and people from different corners of the world.

You can get options in stunning Pantone colours, including aqua blue. They are also available in different sizes to help you use them on the floor as full-coverage or half coverage carpets, or even wall hangings!


After the walls, the second sight that your guests will most probably catch is of the curtains. Aqua Blue AI Blue interior curtains are a popular choice because of the elegance and ethereal beauty they offer to a room.

You can find curtains of this shade in solid colours as well as patterns and prints. To attain the best results, use thick material and length that touches the floor to give that luxurious look.

Photo Frames

Photo frames with pictures of the family and artwork with contemporary or traditional designs always add the cherry on the top where interiors are concerned. When you look for a frame online or offline, you will surely come across hundreds of options in shades such as white, black, or gold.

Hence, get yours customized in this beautiful shade of aqua blue. Not only will it add a unique touch, but the pictures or artwork inside too will be highlighted beautifully.


Of course, it is next to impossible to find and fill your home with plants of the shade aqua blue, but you can invest in pots and vases of the same shade. Add them to the dining table, coffee table, study table, or the balcony; the choice is yours.

This is one of the most loved Pantone colours for a reason – it instantly brightens up a room without much hassle. So, if you have walls painted with light or boring shades, this is one way to brighten a room. Moreover, the process won’t cost much of your time or money.

Which Room Best Suits Pantone Colours like Aqua Blue?

There never really is a right answer to this question. Renovating a home isn’t an easy task, and incorporating the right element is challenging. However, if you take the assistance of professionals for the same, you can be assured of receiving the right solutions. With their years of experience, you will be able to sit back and relax while they offer you different options for the different spaces of your home.

Remember, each of these tips can be incorporated in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, study, and other rooms of the house. However, it is highly suggested to do thorough research before investing in any of the elements. Even better, you should hire the home décor professionals and interior designers from, who are known for their exceptional range of home décor items. The one-stop-shop for every home interior item, HomeLane also offers a five-year warranty on all its products. You can connect with their experts for free estimates on the available range and place your order.

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