Poketo x Takenaka Team up To Create Colorful Bento Boxes

Poketo and Takenaka have teamed up to bring you an exciting collaboration: colorful bento boxes with creative designs. Los Angeles-based Poketo is known for its fun designs and making art for your every day, and Takenaka is a nearly century-old bento box brand from Japan that creates eco-friendly bento boxes and accessories that support a healthier lifestyle.

For this matchup, Takenaka and Poketo have created two sets of bento boxes, two sets of chopsticks, and a furoshiki (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth). The bright blues, reds, pinks and yellows are upbeat, and the shapes and patterns stand out, so it will be extra easy to find your bento box – even in a workplace’s fridge! These bento boxes are also great for picnics, food storage and meals on-the-go.

These colorful bento boxes are all BPA free and made from recycled PET bottles, so they’re safe for you and safe for the environment.

>>> Poketo X Takenaka Limited-Edition Pink + Red Bento Box \ $32

>>> Poketo X Takenaka Limited-Edition Ivory + Navy Bento Box \ $32

>>> Poketo X Takenaka Limited-Edition Chopsticks + Pink Case \ $11.50

>>> Poketo X Takenaka Limited-Edition Chopsticks + Ivory Case \ $11.50

>>> Poketo X Takenaka Limited-Edition Bento Box Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth \ $14

>>> To shop the Poketo X Takenaka collection, visit the Design Milk Shop here! <<<

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