Style Scouting: In An October Mood

It has been a quiet week where I was able to get caught up on “behind-the-scenes” blog stuff while making it a point to get outside as much as I could to enjoy the changing scenery and the dipping temps, especially in the morning.

I like to sit out on the deck to catch up on emails, reply to comments and write posts. A fleece hoodie was needed… and thick socks. 🙂 Even with the chill, I could have gone inside, but I want to enjoy every second of October without letting the month slip by.

  • When making over a kitchen, natural countertops like granite, marble and quartz are the trend, but don’t overlook today’s laminate countertop surfaces. They can look amazing.
  • Do you like throw blankets to cozy up with? Do you simply throw them over the arm of a chair? In this fun post you will learn other ways to style them in your room.
Pink and orange tipped matches on talbe
  • Spend less time starting a fire in a backyard fire pit and more time actually enjoying it…. bring on the Smores!
  • These images were sent into space back in 1977 for aliens to find. It was the year I graduated from high school. Too bad we don’t have the technology to update them.
  • I would like to install these in my two story foyer. So much easier to add than I thought.
  • Have you seen Enola Holmes on Netflix? I loved it and also the movie Carrie Philby. What have you been watching? When I look at the Netflix offerings- my mind sometimes goes blank with so many choices.
  • Do you listen to Spotify? We bought a new Roku TV for the living room and now have instant access to our music via Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and more. I did a search for autumn playlists and found a few. I have been listening to Jazz Cafe Autumn and Autumn in New York and Autumn Acoustic.

One last October item….

With all that is going on in the world it is hard to think about much else, but I always remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I lost 2 very close friends to the disease. So if you haven’t had a mammogram lately – make an appointment for one. It could save your life. XO

happy face

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