The 10 Christmas Gonks you need in your life – plus imaginative display ideas

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  • Gonks are proving to be THE most in demand Christmas accessory of 2020 so far. Seriously, they are like gold dust. No sooner have you found the one you want to welcome into your home and it’s gone quicker than you can say son of a nutcracker!

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    We’ve been on the look for these popular festive must-haves and are happy to report where you can still buy them…

    Best Christmas Gonks still available to buy

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    They’ve already sold out with many retailers, we can only hope for a restock post-lockdown. But here’s where you can still buy these little characters, right now…

    Tree topper Gonk

    Scandi Style Gonks

    Sparkly Christmas Gonks

    Sparkly Deluxe Santa Gnomes Gonks: £11.99, Etsy 
    These fabulous Gonks are looking for a glam home! The sparkly knitted designs are just the things to welcome this traditional folklore character into the modern home. Available in Pink, Grey and White to suit all festive decors. H46cm.

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    Faux fur Gonk

    Impressionism Santa Gonk Figure: £20, John Lewis & Partners
    This cool character rom John Lewis is all about the trimmings – with a faux fur hat, complete with a glitter edged trim. This is an understated sophisticated take on the Gonk trend. And we LOVE it, and will be immediately ordering one (or two). Larger in size, it measures H58cm.

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    Standing Gonk

    Doorstop Gonks

    Santa Claus Gonk, £25, Next We’re calling it, this resin Gonk design is ideal for a festive doorstop. The sturdy little Santa replica measures the perfect height for the job, H36cm.

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    Mrs Claus Gonk: £25, Next
    And because where would Santa be without Mrs Claus eh. The resin design in terms of height, so ideal for use as a doorstop. But equally as sweet for a mantelpiece or a sideboard curation.

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    Bearded Gonk

    Gonk Gnome: £16, Etsy
    This superb handmade little Gonk is channelling ‘Gandalf the Great’ vibes… and we like it! This very bearded creation is utterly charming, to sport a more traditional take on this festive decoration.

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    On-trend grey Gonk

    Impressionism Wobbly Gonk: £16, John Lewis & Partners
    This stylish grey design is currently proving very popular, so be quick. The fashionable looking gnome is rocking an all-grey outfit complete with striped tights for a bit of fun. This chic Gonk will fit in with a well-dressed decor, not stand out like a sore thumb.

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    Christmas Gonk display ideas

    Collection a few to create a curated sideboard display – in the hallways is a great place, to welcome visitors with a friendly face.

    Create a captivating corner with a cluster of festive decorations. From lights and stars to Gonks, give the stars of the show their own corner of a room to shine bright.

    Place one beside the tree, to tie in the colour scheme and extend the Christmas decorating out.

    What are Gonks?

    Gonks are not a new thing, in fact they go back yonks. And it turns out there’s more to these bearded little Santa doppelgangers than mere decoration. The festive little characters originated in Scandinavian folklore where they are believed to protect farms and homes from catastrophes and misfortune.

    Many Scandinavian children in fact still leave out food for the Gonks on Christmas Eve, much like the tradition of a mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa.The difference being the Gonk’s snack of choice is a bowl of porridge and butter, as this is said to make the creatures happy and ensure good luck in the new year.

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    Get your Gonk before they’re gone.

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