Tramoggia Offers a Contemporary Take on Traditional Italian Furniture

Almost all chest furniture can be traced back to cassapanca, a traditional Italian chest used for a multitude of purposes. Giuseppe Arezzi, along with It’s Great Design, have presented their own contemporary version with Tramoggia. While still used for the same function – storage – Tramoggia doesn’t resemble its ancestor very closely. Rather than wood, it’s constructed from painted steel sheeting. This allows the two- and three-seaters to be used both outdoors and indoors.

metal chair and bench

“As a designer, I have always been fascinated by multifunctional and hybrid furniture, especially because nowadays our living spaces are constantly changing by becoming even more temporary and nomadic. This interest, along with its ancient origins, led me to work with the cassapanca concept. Popular since Middle Ages, it was often the only piece of furniture in the house, and it was used in different ways, for instance as a container, a travel suitcase or simply a table,” Arezzi shared with us.

metal bench

back of metal bench

metal chair

back of metal chair

metal outdoor chair

metal outdoor chair and bench

metal outdoor chair and bench by pool

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Photos by Melissa Carnemolla

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