Usher In Festive Season With These Quirky Home Makeover!

With Dussehra and Diwali around the corner, it’s time to give your home a festive makeover! Traditionally, the days leading up to these festivals are the time to de-clutter the house, repair anything that’s broken, and add sparkle to your interior. If you ever needed a reason to redo your home décor, then there’s no better time than right now!

We bring you some quirky home decor ideas for Diwali that can add a bit of fun to your homes in the coming months.

Clean Your Home

You need a fresh slate, to begin with, so throw away all the unwanted stuff that has accumulated over the past year. All those cardboard boxes, clothes that are too tight, magazines that you have finished reading, and plants that are on the verge of dying need to find their way to the recycling bin. De-cluttering your rooms is said to transform the energy of your home—and that can never be a bad thing!

Repair And Renovate

If any taps are leaking, electric points are not working, appliances need repair….get them fixed! Call your friendly neighbourhood handyman, make a list and get the job done. If any furniture is chipped or broken, call your carpenter. While you are at it, your woodwork could be given a wipe down (if it’s laminated) and a fresh coat of polish (if it’s veneered).

Next, Let’s Give Your Walls A Makeover

If you have the budget to get your entire home repainted, then, by all means, do so….but if your wallet does not permit this, then give at least some of your rooms a fresh coat of paint. The living room is a good place to start. You can add a special look by choosing one accent wall for a textured paint finish. Metallic hues are decorative and lend an air of festivity.

Try Some Traditional Decals

A plain wall with some traditional decals looks stunning. Temple bells, or rangoli patterns that are embellished with mirror work add a unique and quirky flavour to your décor. Voila! You have a whole new look!

You may want to try a peel-away sticker that can be safely removed once the festive season is done with if you do not fancy this look through the year!

It’s Time To Redo The Furnishings!

You’ve changed the wall colours…why not redo the upholstery and drapes to match? Raw silk drapes look beautiful as part of an ethnic décor. Get some colourful raw silk cushions in an ethnic print to match. Gold trims look very festive and vibrant.

Create Some Colourful Wall Pieces

If you have an old skirt or embroidered kurta that has lost its shine, you can re-purpose it to create a brilliant splash of colour on your wall. This piece of embroidery can find pride of place in your living room wall, embellished with pretty mirrors and intricate handwork.

Set The Tone Right At The Entrance To Your Home

The week leading up to the festival, you can start decorating the entrance to your home with intricate rangolis. If you do not have the flair for this, ready-made stickers are always available that do the job! Pretty patterned earthen diyas can be lined up on either side of the entrance, in the true spirit of Diwali. Try creating rangoli patterns using colourful flowers in orange and yellow, with lamps in between.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Lights!

Diwali is the festival of lights, after all, and you should not be outdone by the neighbours in showing off your collection of little sparkly fairy lights! Rope lights look beautiful on your balconies, windows, or at your entrance door. Try being creative — string them around old beer bottles or coloured glass jars for a really unique look.

Add Festive Accents

Your dining table can be given a festive makeover with patterned placemats, traditional flowers in a vase, and ethnic tableware. Brass lamps accentuate the festive theme. Add to the atmosphere with some lovely essential oils in a fragrance dispenser. A traditional uruli filled with water, floating candles and rose petals in the middle of your foyer complement the décor.

Give Your Garden Some Sparkle!

Your garden can be given a magical makeover with tiny sparkles hanging from the trees, strings of lights on potted plants, and even a cascade of lights from quirky accessories like this flowerpot.

Hang Some Lights In Hidden Corners!

We can never have enough of lights during Diwali…why not indulge in some hanging lamps that offer a burst of colour and brighten up the dark corners of your home! These multi-coloured hand-painted lamps are sure to make a vibrant statement.

These lovely themes are sure to add festive warmth and glamour to your homes. Do let us know how you plan to spruce up your home for Diwali, in the comments below! And allow the HomeLane team to help you if you are planning for a makeover of your home prior to this Diwali.


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